Client Success Story: Adam

Independent Travel Training

Adam recently completed his Independent Travel Training – allowing him to travel to and from college. His route involves a 20-minute walk from his house to the bus stop, where he then catches the bus to his college. Adams training took place in the winter so he was encouraged to wear a hi-vis to ensure he was seen when crossing the road to the bus stop in the afternoon. He took personal responsibility to wear it when leaving college at 5pm.

During his training, Adam was taught to move further away from junctions that had no designated crossings. Adam was supported with his Travel Training by Enable staff, Hazel and Jez. When he completed his training, Adam said that he was happy with the experience and extremely happy with Hazel and Jez delivering their support and thanked them for being very kind, friendly and adhering to his needs. Adam also said that he enjoyed Travel Training and has found that he has a lot more confidence when travelling to and from college independent.

Adam’s mother said:

“Travel Training has done Adam the world of good. His ability to problem solve has improved and his confidence has grown. He is very proud of himself being able to manage to go on the bus himself. The travel trainers were very approachable, understanding and friendly.”

Adam went onto request Job Coaching from Hazel and Jez when he starts his new job at the Premier Inn. They will support him with initial training and help him with communication between Adam and his management.

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