Employer Testimonial: A Lifetime of Learning

One of our clients is working at a school as a cleaner. He started in January but has had extended job coach support due to COVID preventing him from maintaining a consistent routine. Despite everything, both our client and his employer are happy with the arrangement, and we’re looking forward to seeing him flourish in his role!

Below is a testimony by the school’s Business Director:




Like most organisations we like to think we are inclusive, and we know we are as a community school. BUT in a School with a small support team we often overlook employment opportunities especially for disabled people, where we may need to invest more time in the person to deliver the same outcome. Enable has given us the confidence and practical help to do what we know and believe is the right thing to do.


This is where Enable have stepped in. They have helped bridge that gap offering support both to the employee and the employer. With confidence we have taken that step. It has taken more time but Enable have worked with us to overcome any concerns and barriers in an open and honest way, which has resulted in mutual respect and trust between the three parties. We are all winners, we have a dedicated independent employee, the job is being delivered to the quality required and when things go wrong occasional, the network of support will be available.


We have all learnt from the experience and are all in a better place, what could be better.

Thank you Enable helping to make it happen.