Interview With STEP UP’s Ben

Today we interviewed Ben, one of the newest members of the Enable team and a Business Development Officer for the recently launched STEP UP Programme. We asked him questions relating to himself and the new programme he will have a big part in shaping. Ben is brimming with new energy, and brings with him an X-factor to the team which you’ll discover below. We’re glad to have him join the Enable family!


What drew you to the STEP UP Programme?

What drew me to the STEP UP programme was an innate and passionate desire to help those who need it. My role within Enable is to work with, support and guide 15-24 year olds who are not currently in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). By providing the necessary support, the hope is our clients will develop the skills necessary in order to progress into Education, Employment or further Training, and get themselves onto the career ladder.


What expectations do you have for the STEP UP Programme?

Ultimately, I expect to help and support on this programme. I will work with my clients to plan, agree and work towards their individualised aspirations on a one to one basis, while being alongside them every STEP of the way ensuring ongoing support, leading into sustained progression. This will provide opportunities for my client with my support, to build up their confidence, provide them with  a sense of independence and work on their personal motivation.


What is your impression of the Enable team so far?

The Enable Team are passionate, motivated and incredibly supportive. I have only been with Enable for 12 weeks, however in this short time, I have built so many professional rapports due to everyone being incredibly welcoming and understanding. Working in an environment such as this and with colleagues as approachable as they are, it maximises chances of success and on a programme such as STEP UP, this can only bring positive results.


What do you bring to the team?

I bring a unique and effective work energy to the team. I aim to be approachable, reliable and effective. Another quality that I feel I add to the team is being in the age range this programme is for. As I am 24, I bring a sense of empathy and understanding that can only come with going through the same processes as our clients. I understand, particularly in this market, the difficulties in gaining employment, or getting onto training that can kickstart a career. I feel I am a perfect person to have working on this programme as my personal experiences can resonate with our clients and show them that there are opportunities out there, if you have the right support, which is what Enable aim to provide.


What does youth unemployment mean to you?

Persistent youth unemployment has been embedded in our system for decades. Unemployment while young is linked to long-term reductions in wages, increased chances of subsequent periods of unemployment and poorer health outcomes. It is my passion to change this, and this programme, combined with our team at Enable is the perfect recipe for success. TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More.


The whole of Enable would like to extend a warm welcome to Ben!