Client Statement – Services During Lockdown

Below is a statement we have received from one of our clients in regards to our service since the Coronavirus lockdown began. Thank you, Tom, for taking the time to write this.


Statement Regarding Enable’s Services During Coronavirus Lockdown


I have been very pleased regarding Enable’s services during the Coronavirus lockdown. June my support worker has worked tirelessly on my behalf to ensure that we work towards my goal of doing a Business Adminstration Apprenticeship with the Council.

In many respects our work as speed up and our contact has increased since the virus, even if this is only via telephone. Before the virus we were meeting once a week for about an hour, usually at a café. Now we telephone twice a week. However, the conversations are usually shorter, briefer and more to the point. Our work has also become more focussed and less generalised. This is partly because I have become more focussed in what I want from June which helps her to help me.

June has worked hard to keep me occupied and even found me a course directly linked to business adminstration, which I am working towards in my own time.

June has also been successful as she was before in finding the hours towards my apprenticeship. She has contacted the Archives Department at the Council, which was successful. They can potentially secure some more hours to go with my four a week at another department.  June has contacted various other departments in the council to gain a spectrum of options within the Council. June as also contacted the Upskill Team at Shropshire Council to ensure that I can do the Apprenticeship part time.

To conclude. I am extremely happy with the service that Enable provides, they have helped me work towards my long-term ambition of working in the Civil Service. I believe with the continued efforts of myself and June we can secure a place doing a Business Adminstration Apprenticeship within the council across various departments by August 2020. Which would go a long way towards my ambition of becoming a Civil Servant

– Tom