Client Success Story: Asif

Wolverhampton Disability Employment Service

Asif came to Enable Wolverhampton in December 2017 after he was referred by his Social Worker. He had never had a job before. Enable Business Development Officer, Paul, completed an initial assessment with him, in which Asif said he was interested in practical and outdoor work.

Asif also attended Enable’s Job Club where he was able to practice his interview skills and gain tips for starting work and develop his CV. Initially Paul managed to secure some temporary paid work that involved distributing leaflets for Pure Gym, where Asif proved himself to be reliable and a hard worker.

After completing his temporary work for Pure Gym, Paul managed to help Asif secure paid work with PS Motors in Wednesbury. Asif is now thoroughly enjoying his role there as Workshop Assistant.  He has a great team around him that recognise when he might find something challenging and help him to overcome it. Asif also received full time Job Coach support from Enable which was phased out after six weeks when his confidence grew.

Asif’s Manager, Kal Kaur, said: “Asif gets on well with the other staff, he is very motivated and goes the extra mile. He travels independently and has gained skills in preparation of vehicles for respraying. Enable has made it really easy going they are very supportive and we have regular reviews to make sure everything continues to go smoothly.”
While Asif’s Job Coach support was being withdrawn, Enable helped him with Travel Training. Asif had never been on the bus without his parents before so this was a huge step for him. The travel training went well and by mid-April Asif was travelling completely independently from Wolverhampton to Wednesbury.

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