Client Success Story: A Caring Young Woman

One of our Supported Interns has a crucial role in current times. She has asked to remain anonymous, but is otherwise happy to have her story be heard.


She handed in her notice to Her previous employer and prepared to start a new role at as a Care Assistant just as lockdowns began. With support from Enable and Her new employer, She is now 8 weeks into Her new role!

Social carerHer previous work history was mainly industrial, but She decided to make the leap to care as She wanted a role that was more rewarding. Someone told Her in the past that ‘if She got support for Her own emotional wellbeing then She would have the perfect nature for care work.’

Although we can’t meet face-to-face, Enable contacted Her new employers to introduce ourselves and talk through how we can joint work to support Her. She described them as ‘the best community centre in Telford. They are a fab team and have helped loads during this crisis. I don’t think they’ve stopped – from foodbanks to community care. I feel so lucky to work for such a lovely team.’

She is currently working 5 hours a week and is eager to pick up more hours when She can. Being able to go out to work during all of this has really benefited Her mental health. She was nervous about the pressure of starting something new during lockdown but ‘knowing I have the support of Enable and an understanding new employer has made a real difference. I have always been a proud worker and I feel great that I can now give something back.’

Enable have been checking in with Her regularly and will continue to do so for as long as She needs. It is always a joy checking in with Her and we really look forward to meeting up with Her and Her employers in the (hopefully near!) future.