Client Success Story: Chloe

Chloe and colleaguesChloe has now been in her placement for 6 weeks and has learnt a lot.  She is responsible for looking after 3 horses, this involves mucking out the stables, caring for the horses, cleaning their hooves, grooming and exercising them.

Chloe is supported by Hazel, her job coach and Hazel is working with Chloe and the team to work towards increasing her speed.  Chloe is following a training programme alongside 2 other apprentices and is gaining a lot of experience.

Chloe loves being with the horses and enjoys having riding lessons and being involved in exercising the horses.  The work is very hard, but Chloe has a good work ethic and is working hard to build up her energy levels.  At her recent review, targets were agreed and Chloe was given positive feedback from the team.