Client Success Story: Dan

Supported Internships

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Dan’s Placement at DMS Auto is continuing well. He observes and assists with car MOTs – operating mechanical parts during the test. He gets involved in servicing, including helping with oil changes. Dan assists the mechanic in changing car parts, this has included attaching a new bumper. There is also general housekeeping to do, such as sweeping, tidying and recycling.
Dan has been shown how to carry out a tyre change process. The tyres are taken off the vehicle. Dan puts the wheel and tyre on the machine. This removes the old tyre from the wheel rim. The new tyre can then be fitted using the machine. The next important stage is to use the machine to carry out a wheel balance check and add weights where needed, which can then be put back on the car, using a power drill.
The mechanic that Dan works with said:

“You can rely on Dan to do what he is asked to do. He is a good lad”

Dan has continued to settle in well. He has gained more confidence and is talking more to the mechanics. Dan says he is happy in his role.

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