Client Success Story: Dan

Supported Internships

Dan started his Supported Internship at Shrewsbury College in September 2018. His work placement involves two days a week at DMS Auto in Shrewsbury, where he is working alongside Garage Mechanics and gaining experience of what it is like to work in a garage.

Dan is happy with the placement. He has made a good start assisting the Mechanics with MOT checks. The MOT test includes; checking the cars lights, suspension, brakes and steering. Some of this is done with the car raised in the air so the mechanic can walk underneath the car. Dan is asked to sit in the car when it is raised while following instructions from the mechanic.

Dan has also assisted with wheel changes and cleaning cars both inside and outside. To begin with much of Dan’s time is observing the Mechanics to see what they are doing and lending a hand. For example, one car had the gear box changed and Dan held it in place while the mechanic fixed it. He has assisted with brakes and bearings as well.

Dan says one of the most difficult things is the cold weather. The workshop is open on one side because the cars must go in and out easily. He says it is just something that he has get used to. He spends his time between two different areas, with different people, which is all great experience.

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