Client Success Story: Elliot

Independent Travel Training

Enable’s Independent Travel Training service is designed to be flexible and adaptational to every user’s needs. In Elliot’s case, he only required minimal training; with his support lasting for just two days. Elliot was already able to walk from his home in to NSC College in Oswestry and back. He only required support to identify and where to get the college bus at Oswestry and Walford college. Enable assessed Elliot on his road safety – walking the twenty minutes from his home to Oswestry and his return journey. He was advised to use the safest route which included designated crossings.

Once at college, Elliot was given support to identify the college bus and to know where the correct location is to get off the bus.

In the afternoon, Elliot was given support to identify and locate where to get the college bus at Walford College. After just two days of working with Enable, Elliot felt confident enough not to require any further support.

Upon successfully completing his training, Elliot said:

“I appreciated the help that Hazel gave. I can now get the college bus independently.”

Elliot’s mother said: “Elliot benefited tremendously from his weeks training. It helped him feel more confident and it has allowed him walk the half hour journey to and from NSC college independently and identify and catch the college bus to Walford college.”

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