Client Success Story: Georgie

Supported Internships

Georgie attended Futures in the years 2017-18 and started her Supported Internship with Shrewsbury College in September 2018. She was unsure of what career path to take but told her Enable Employment Officer that she loved the theatre environment. Enable helped her to arrange a work trial at the Theatre Severn for Georgie to work alongside the stewards. Georgie has enjoyed this so far and has been working on matinees and evening performances as well as being involved in some of the theatres marketing activities.

Georgie’s mother wrote to Enable and said: “Thank you all for doing such an amazing job for Georgie… she honestly, in all her 21 years, has never experienced anything like the support, care and encouragement she is having on the Internship programme.”

Georgie is learning a lot about the world of work and what the role of a steward entails. Some aspects of the internship are not as enjoyable as others, such as cleaning up the auditorium. However, Georgie understands that this is part of being employed and has accepted that even though people should pick up their own rubbish, it is the Steward’s job to do so is they choose not to.

Georgie’s confidence has grown and she is learning new skills each day. Enable Job Coaches will continue to support her to overcome issues with loud noises and confidence in order to work towards her being independent. Enable will build on her strengths and agree a career path for her beyond her Internship. Georgie has a friendly personality and once she increases her confidence she will achieve her goals.

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