Client Success Story: James

James has successfully completed our Supported Internship Programme.

Following his progression route from there saw him set out with the Disabilities Team to find paid employment.

James was keen to find work in a position that was both interesting and rewarding. He is actively involved volunteering at the Shrewsbury Archives and the Museum, driven by his love of books particularly history and railways. So it seemed ideal when an Apprenticeship came up with Shropshire Library Service.

On the day of his interview we were certain James would make a good impression, which he did. So much so that, although he was not offered the Apprenticeship, Donna Taylor felt that he could definitely make a valued contribution to the team. At the trial day James completed the tasks he was presented with with confidence. His natural charm shone through and proved to be a valuable asset as he was offered a casual contract with Shropshire Library Service.

James has taken full advantage of our Supported Internship Programme. His hard-working nature coupled with the tenacity he showed throughout his training has allowed him to find employment in a position that suits his personal interests.

An independent worker with a real passion for his responsibilities. Just what every employer needs!

In addition of course, he is best placed to step into a more permanent full-time position should the opportunity arise.


We’re very happy to witness James’ success, and we have no doubt he will continue to excel in his work!