Client Success Story: James

Supported Internships

James began his supported internship at Shrewsbury Museum in 2016, alongside his time at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College. His responsibilities at the museum include greeting the customers, showing tours around and working with the art gallery and cathedral.

Initially James did have some confidence issues but he managed to build up some good friendships with the other volunteers. His employer described him as very reliable with excellent timekeeping. He was able to learn about all of the areas of the museum and built on his knowledge over time. James has developed his skills in customer service on meet and greet where he is polite and engages in conversation. This was achieved through a lot of one to one work with his Job Coach. James also leads tour groups of children and has worked well on this. James helps to set up meeting rooms, prepares displays as well as covering for volunteers at the cathedral. James said that he enjoys working at the museum and feels that he is learning a lot from it.

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