Client Success Story: Melanie

Enable Wolverhampton

Melanie joined Enable after being referred by her Social Worker in February 2016. The Enable Wolverhampton team helped her to complete her CV and use online CSCS training. Melanie is 33 and is an enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking individual who possesses a wide range of skills gained from previous employment. Her aim was to join an organisation where new skills can be developed whilst building on existing experiences.

Melanie is not currently receiving support from Wolverhampton Social Services but receives a lot of support from her family. Her learning disability can prevent her from being aware of certain dangers in the community and workplace. In order to overcome this, she has received Job Coach support in this role to make her aware of any risks associated with employment.

After attending Enable’s Job Club Melanie worked in a number of temporary job roles. Melanie was then successful in her application for a cleaning job for Speller Metcalfe. She started this job in July 2017 and is now working 12 hours a week, supported by a Job Coach.

Alexander Garwood-Gowers, Contracts Manager at Speller Metcalfe said: “Speller Metcalfe were introduced to Enable by the City of Wolverhampton Council, via the Future Space project that we are managing at the Wolverhampton Civic centre. We worked with Enable to search for and place a suitable candidate to work on the project. We are pleased to welcome Melanie to the project and can report that Melanie has quickly fitted in to our team here on site.”

Her main tasks in her new role include; cleaning all areas within a building compound including canteen, bathrooms, meeting rooms, stairways, windows, outdoor area and office space; using a variety of different cleaning chemicals and being aware of health and safety and reporting any damages or hazards to management.

Meanie’s Job Coach, Chris, said: “Mel has taken ownership of this role and despite a shaky start, she has persisted and now has a good routine and works well.  She is happy and content with her role and her colleagues.”

Melanie’s confidence has grown so much that she only needs minimal support from her Job Coach and has also now gained employment with RSS Metro Alliance at weekends.