Client Success Story: Michael

Supported Internships & Independent Travel Training

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Michael has now been at Carmar Tea Room for six months and is making excellent progress. His manager, owner of the business and Head Chef, Mark, said that Michael has a natural talent. He is able to cook liver and bacon, a Carmar Tea Room speciality dish on his own. This involves dry frying the liver and knowing exactly when to take the liver off the heat and exactly when to add water to prevent it drying out. This is something that is difficult to learn and Michael has shown that he has a natural ability for this. He also has a delicate touch which is needed for making biscuits.

Mark says that Michael has a great sense of humour and joins in with the banter in the kitchen. He has developed a good rapport with the team. He reads the orders, sets up the ingredients and lets Mark know he has done this. He has shown that he can be relied upon to get on with orders with minimal supervision.

Michaels targets for the next three months are to continue with developing his skills and focusing on ensuring continuity.

Michael also helped recently with making the Celebration Cakes for the Supported Internship Event at Shrewsbury Town Fooball Club, held by Enable. The cakes proved to be a great hit.

Michael also completed his Independent Travel Training through Enable in January 2019 where he received his certificate.

Michael said: “Hazel has helped me a lot with travel training and has made me more confident to travel independently on college bus to Shrewsbury college and I can also use the public bus to travel from Shawbury into Shrewsbury.”

Michael’s mother said: “Michael gained so much confidence doing his travel training and enjoyed being with Hazel. It’s been amazing to see the progress he’s made. Thank you to everyone involved.”

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