Client Success Story: Nick

Supported Internships

Nick came to Enable through the Supported Internship service with Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT). He wanted a customer facing job where he could build his skills in customer service and increase his confidence in a work environment. Enable Employment Officer, Brendan, managed to find him an internship at The Range where he is already showing great potential.

Nick said: “I wanted to do the supported internship as it meant I would be able to go to work but would have help getting used to what I had to do. I was really pleased to be offered a job in The Range as they sell all sorts of things. Before I started I was scared as to what it would be like but everyone at work has been friendly to me and I am enjoying working  I am working in the Christmas department and have been putting up Christmas trees, unpacking decorations to put on the shelves and making sure the displays are tidy. I was given my uniform last week and it makes me feel much more part of the team. I feel much more confident in myself since I have started work. Hazel my Support Worker and Brendan have been really helpful and I know I can ask them for help if I need it.”

Nick’s Manager, Deborah, said: “Nick has grown in confidence whilst working in the team here at the Range. He has built new friendships through the support of his colleagues and has become a confident and enthusiastic member of the team.”

Nick’s manager is not the only one that has seen an improvement in his confidence, his mother said: “Tim and I have been very impressed with the Supported Internship scheme. Brendan visited us to meet Nick and gain an idea of the type of work he would be interested in, his strengths and his weaknesses. We also talked about his interests outside work with the aim of finding him a suitable placement. We were kept up to date with progress and Nick was delighted to be asked to go for an interview at The Range in Shrewsbury, supported by Brendan.

Since starting at The Range we have seen a considerable increase in Nick’s confidence and self-assurance. He has enjoyed working from day one and whereas sometimes in the past we had seen a reluctance to get up and go to college, on work days he is up early and getting himself ready in good time; organising his clothes and travel money the evening beforehand. He is enthusiastic about his work and is pleased to have added new skills to his work experience, such as undertaking customer enquiries and answering customer queries where he can. His confidence has grown enormously and this has led to him wishing to develop his independence in terms of travelling by bus unaccompanied and on new routes. He also seems more mature generally. Nick has been happy to be left working on his own for periods of time as Hazel, his support worker, has felt she could withdraw some of her support. Being out in the work place suits Nick very well and we are really glad that he has had this opportunity to gain experience in the work place in a supported environment.”

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