Client Success Story: Phil & Rosie


Phil came to Enable in July 2017 where he was referred through Accord by his Tenancy Support Worker. Rosie was referred in December 2016 by her Social Worker.

Phil had previous work experience, some of which was arranged by Enable; cleaning, kitchen portering, glass collecting at a pub, store assistant at a post office and voluntary work at a charity shop. Enable supported Phil with job seeking, CV writing, Independent Travel Training, arranging work experience and interview support. Phil also attended Enable’s Job Club.

Enable supported Rosie with job seeking, CV writing and Independent Travel Training.

Jane, Phil and Rosie’s BDO, secured them both paid employment with Duke Street Bungalows Residential Care Home – part of Wolverhampton City Council – both as Domestic Assistants.

Their job roles include; thorough cleaning of the bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, toilets, shower cubicles, bedroom, hallway, office, laundry room. This involves many different tasks; vacuuming, mopping, using cleaning chemicals, dusting, disinfecting surfaces, replenishing the cleaning cupboard, cleaning the windows, removing out clinical waste by putting it into a locked unit, emptying domestic bins and taking it out to the main bins.

Both Phil and Rosie received two weeks of Independent Travel Training to help coordinate bus times and to secure confidence on their journey to work. Both received Job Coach support for the full 12.5 hours each for the first month of employment but were weaned off quite quickly after that as their confidence grew.

Enable Job Coach, Jen Kenyon said: “Phil is extremely thorough and works to a high standard. He interacts extremely well with both staff and service users. His confidence and attitude to life has improved considerably, well done Phil”

On Rosie, Jen said: “Rosie has gone from strength to strength both professionally and personally. She is heaps more confident and interacts with her fellow workers well. Her social life has improved too. Well done Rosie”

When asked what he liked about working, Phil said: “I have more money so I can treat myself and go out different places. I am more confident and feel better about myself.”

Rosie said: “I feel more confident I can ask for help if I need to. Having extra money means I can spend more on social activities. I have made new friends and can have a laugh with the staff.”

The pair’s manager, Suzanne Gwilt commented: “Phil has settled into the team well and he is always punctual. He has established a positive relationship with both residents and colleagues. Rosie is always punctual, pleasant, and willing to help. She has settled well into the team and has had 100% attendance. Well done to both.”