Client Success Story: Rachel

picture of Rachel

Rachel has been employed at Bridgnorth and Morville Church Ministry since December 2016.  Rachel’s position as a Website Co-ordinator involves her uploading the pew sheets, updating the online calendar and keeping the website fresh and up-to-date. When asked what her favourite part of her job is Rachel responded “Quite a lot!  I like the people I work with and the job itself. I like that I am earning my own money and not relying on others for money.  I like working with the job coaches. I like the atmosphere in the office when we are chatting, having good banter and making each other laugh…while still doing work at the same time!”

Enable have been involved with Rachel’s paid employment journey by helping her to create her CV, proving in-work job coaching support and supporting with Rachel’s Access to Work application.

Rachel speaks very highly of the job coach support she receives in her role and they speak very highly of her!  The job coaches mainly help Rachel with physical tasks she is not able to manage due to the symptoms of her Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T) and they provide support to ensure she overcomes any difficulties that arise in her working day.

Rachel LOVES having a job and found it difficult to control her enthusiasm when she shared the reasons why:

“I love having independence, socialising with people other than family, stops me being isolated and I am doing something worthwhile!”