Client Success Story: Sophie

Sophie  has been in her Supported Internship placement with the team at Canny Cuts, a trendy dog grooming parlour in Coleham.

Sophie has settled into the team and has a really positive and enthusiastic approach to the tasks that are set for her. Both her manager Mel and Job Coach Hazel have been impressed with Sophie’s attention to detail and willingness to learn.

Sophie’s tasks with the team can vary and Sophie has to be able to adapt to the different roles that take place within the dog grooming parlour. Sophie is able to greet the customers and the animals as they arrive for their appointments. Sophie is also gaining the skills to brush the dogs coat to a very high standard and then giving them a bath using the correct shampoo and associated products. Sophie has also been learning the skills required to clip the different style of dogs that visit Canny Cuts.

Sophie is looking forward to returning back to Canny Cuts and she is looking to continue with the team upon completion of her Internship.

Keep up the good work, Sophie!