Client Success Story: Thomas Charles

ThomasEvery so  often you find that you contact an employer who immediately gets what you are trying to do. This was my good fortune when I  called Paul Gatfield at Coram UK Holding Ltd.

Having explained that I was working with this delightful 19 year old, young man who having found himself caught up in a training programme that was taking him no where, he desperately wanted to find a proper job. Brief details of Tom’s autism and how it may affect him in the work place quickly brought the response that “ people sometimes just need a leg up”. Leave it with me and I’ll speak with the team.


True to his word he came back to me ” lets give him a trial and see how he gets on”. Music to my ears. I knew Tom would give

it his very best shot he wanted it so badly. With the support of Jez our Job Coach, Anita, Sarah and the team at CORAM who totally got

it, we were able to offer a complete wrap around support package which ENABLED Tom to succeed. He started work on the 28/Aug/2019.

Given the opportunity  a person with a disability can be a huge asset to your company.