Client Testimonial: Sian

We’ve received a heartwarming testimonial from Sian, one of the brightest clients we’ve had. Sian has finished her Supported Internship and has now progressed to paid work.



Hi Brendan, 


Hope you’re well. I’m sorry it has taken me ages to reply about the progress at work but I’ve been really busy doing extra days at work!

Firstly, with the amount of days and hours I do, when I was on work experience on the Supported Internship, it was two days a week 10:00 until 3:00. However, now it is three days one week and every other week it is four days. My hours are now 10:00 until 4:00 and the other thing is if/when the staff are running low, I go into work to (attempt!) to help.

At the beginning of the placement at Maesbrook Care Home, the main job at the start was helping the activities coordinator which I really enjoyed. However, the activities coordinator preferred to work on her own so I moved to doing the tea trolley, which is okay, but I find it very repetitive and the reason why I like it is spending time and talking to the residents. Recently there has been some new activities coordinators and I was offered to as well as continue towing tea round, but also helping with the activities and I am really enjoying it. The kind of things that are included in the activities are arts and crafts, preparation for the following activities, one-to-ones, and chatting to the residents. I get on really well with my colleagues which is nice.

Since studying at Shrewsbury College (Health and Social Care and Supported Internship) I’ve had a job which I wasn’t expecting. I feel more independent and I am not as shy and petrified as I used to be so my confidence has really improved, I think.

If someone asked me if I would recommend Supported Internship and an Apprenticeship, I would definitely 100% say yes! The other things that have been helpful, apart from Enable, are my manager/colleagues, college tutor, and family.

Thanks a lot, Brendan.


From, Sian 🙂



We would like to wish Sian the very best in her foray into paid work!