Lucy’s Contribution to Local History

Lucy has been conducting varied tasks throughout her time at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. She is often found in different galleries supervising the exhibitions. This involves helping visitors with enquiries about objects on display and themes covered in the supporting text panels. Lucy also works at the Meet & Greet area. Here, she is checking tickets at the museum entrance and helping visitors with orientation around the building and other enquiries they may have. Lucy has made great progress this term and has occasionally been supporting the education team with the production of materials used in education sessions. Lucy is particularly enjoying her interaction with customers and says she is progressing with her Shrewsbury knowledge and relishes the opportunity to impart this information during visitors’ discussions.


 ‘Lucy is throwing herself into all the activities and growing in confidence all the time. She is a high-spirited and enthusiastic volunteer who it is a pleasure to have at the museum. I am pleased that she also seems to get on well with staff and other volunteers as well as visitors.’

Phil Scoggins, Lucy’s Line Manager


Lucy’s Job Coach Ellen remarks that Lucy is always developing her skills. Ellen’s interaction and support has reduced significantly this term. Lucy is becoming increasingly independent by starting shifts herself and using the walkie-talkie competently should she need support. We can’t praise enough Lucy’s growth over the course of her journey. Well done, Lucy!