Mireille’s Work With Shropshire Mind

After successfully finishing my training, I will be volunteering with Shropshire Mind as a Trauma Risk Management practitioner (TRiM). This is a proactive, peer delivered, cognitively based human resource management initiative for supporting individuals following exposure to traumatic events. Its purpose is the early identification of the symptoms of stress. TRiM is not a treatment for stress, however, processing and talking about the event has a therapeutic advantage.

The philosophy behind the training is to support participants to develop a response that contributes to a all-inclusive management strategy and to rehearse the skills that may be useful in dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Usually this service is embedded within organisations. However, Shropshire-Telford-Wrekin are rolling this programme out across a geographical area.

As a former HR Consultant with long term sick leave as my expertise, I am always interested in good practise in regards to employer-employee relationships and staff wellbeing. Looking after staff after distressing incidents is both morally justified and, after work-related upsetting incidents, legally necessary. Additionally, it makes economic sense to avoid the loss of valuable personnel to the effects of psychological trauma.

Yes, I am excited to join in with Shropshire Mind. This is such a great initiative to prevent long term effects of trauma, I can’t wait to get involved and support others to keep safe and healthy despite what life throws at us!



Mireille, Disability Employment Officer