Supporting people experiencing mental ill health to remain in work or to manage a return to work


Mental Health in the Workplace

Consider the following:

  • One in six people in the workforce are experiencing a mental health problem right now.
  • A single absence due to mental health, on average, costs the employer £3,360.
  • 15,200,00 working days are lost a year due to mental ill health.
  • 39% of work absences are due to mental ill health.
  • One in four people will develop a diagnosed mental health issue in any given year.


Being the experts in our field, with over 25 years of experience, Enable aims to address such statistics by supporting both client and employer.


Our objectives are to:

  • Support people facing barriers to employment realise their potential to the mutual benefit of the employer.
  • Reduce overall sickness absence due to mental ill health.
  • Successfully increase the number of people returning to work who are experiencing difficulties.
  • Raise awareness, and improve understanding, of mental ill health in the workplace.


 Our Service


At Enable, we use an evidence-based model of supported employment called Individual Placement and Support (IPS). Research shows that IPS is the most effective way to support people with mental health issues to find and remain in employment. Enable is a nationally recognised IPS Centre of Excellence.

It is important that a retention service supports both the employee and their employer. The Job Retention Specialist also works closely with the client’s mental health worker to support the individual to retain employment. Our service is both impartial and confidential.


How does the Job Retention IPS service work?

Meeting – A meeting will take place to get to know the client. This is relaxed and informal, and an opportunity to get to know the individual and understand their hopes for the future. The purpose of this meeting is to get an in-depth understanding of exactly what barriers that person is facing and what support to offer to help that person keep their job and progress.

Plan – From here, we put together a plan to show how we will overcome these barriers and support the individual to retain their job or manage a return to work.

Pro-active – The Job Retention Specialist then works proactively with the client and employer to achieve a healthy, sustainable employment outcome.


If you would like to make a referral or find out more about the service please contact Enable on 01743 276900 and ask to speak to someone from the IPS Team