Support & Partnership Team

Support & Partnership Manager: Ben Gillham

Support Officer: Trish Coney

Support Officer: Ian Chambers


The Support & Partnership Team offers in house training for the participants across multiple programmes within Enable. We offer one to one support as well as classrooms depending on the need of the individuals we are working with. Our skilled team of professionals will set out tailored action plans for each participant to ensure they are receiving relevant support, not generic support.

Primarily supporting the Restart team by upskilling participants, signposting when needed and improving peoples interview skills to ensure they stand the best possible chance of securing employment when they are ready to enter the job market. Our main bases are Shrewsbury and Oswestry; however, we can visit the other bases across Shropshire when there is a need for training.


We are currently running the Digital Skills Programme across Shropshire, which is available to people who fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Aged 65 and over.
  2. Live alone.
  3. Provide unpaid care for a friend or family member or receive formal or informal care.
  4. Have a disability or health condition.
  5. In receipt of Pension Credit or other means-tested benefit not one specific programme. This programme focuses on teaching people the basics of using a computer, phone, and tablet to ensure learners who currently struggle to use these devices have more confidence when using them moving forward.



Contact Ben Gillham for more information.

01743 255906

07458 108134