Success Story Update: Jacob

Independent Travel Training

Since completing Independent Travel Training, Jacob has said that he really enjoyed the process and can now travel into town independently to go shopping, as well as to college.

He has also said that the Travel Trainers that worked with him became good friends and were extremely supportive.

Jacobs father told Enable that Travel Training has been of great benefit to Jacob. It has given him the confidence in situations that he would never have faced before. It has also given him greater freedom to get into town which is great because he loves shopping. He thinks it is brilliant that can now get to and from college on his own. “This is a great testimony to Enable’s Travel Trainer’s skills. I would very much like to thank all involved and to say how lovely everyone has been. Jacob was instantly at ease in the presence of trainers and was able to talk to them freely. We are very proud of him.”

Download the PDF: Client Success Story Jacob