Success Story Update: Jamie

Supported Internships

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Jamie has been offered an inclusive apprenticeship following his Supported Internship at Shropshire Council. Jamie began his Supported Internship after completing a college ready course. Since his Supported Internship with Shropshire Council’s IT Department, Jamie was offered full-time paid employment with the Start Team at Shropshire Council, in the form of an Inclusive Apprenticeship. This provides him with the opportunity to further progress his skills and qualifications. Jamie’s mother said that she cannot believe the change she has seem in him over the last year. Jamie’s mother said;

“His confidence has grown so much, he is like a different person”

Jamie is doing extremely well in his new role. His tasks include constructing booklets and stuffing envelopes with questionnaires to be sent to clients. His colleague Tracey gave him the task of collating a combination of leaflets and information sheets for client care packs. Some leaflets required two and five copies to add to the packs, so Tracey put stickers below those items as a system for Jamie to remember.

Tracey also showed him how he could help care workers to log into a computer to access Leap into Learning to complete training. This will be something that he may need to do in future and will require more training to enable him to fulfil.

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