Success Story Update: Jamie

Supported Internships

Jamie began his Supported Internship with Shropshire Council’s IT Department in 2017. Since starting, Jamie has made excellent progress and he has been out to different sites to support with setting up IT.

He has been inputting serial numbers using a spreadsheet and is very accurate with this task.

He has also been re-imaging equipment which involves re-installing windows.

His other main tasks have included preparing phones for staff and setting up Google accounts.

Jaimie has developed within his role with the IT team; he always asks for work when he has finished, he has worked with different supervisors and is he is able to take instructions from different people.

Jaimie works to a high standard as long as he is given clear instructions and the order to do it in.

The next steps that Jamie will take, with support from Enable, involve; looking at focusing on office products and spreadsheets and formulas and updating his CV. He will ask the team in the IT Department to help him add the skills and experience that he has gained from this role.

Jamie’s Enable Employment Officer will be helping Jaimie to apply for apprenticeships and arranging work trials. Ideally, Jaimie would like to be employed by the IT Department but agrees that if they are not in a position to recruit he needs to have a plan in place to secure employment at the end of his internship.

Download the PDF: Success Story Update Jamie