Success Story Update: Jay

Supported Internships

Jay has been at House of Jumble for five months as part of his Supported Internship and has made excellent progress. This is still Jay’s dream job and he continues to build on his skills and improve his knowledge of comics and steam punk. Jay has been researching products to establish pricing and purchasing and has built up his skills in finding information, using IT and communicating with people.

Glen and Kate, Jay’s Managers, have confirmed that Jay has grown in confidence since starting with them and is very comfortable with approaching customers. This is an area that Jay has struggled with in the past as he felt very anxious in new situations with people he is unfamiliar with. He is also now able to use the till independently, he takes a little longer to check the right change but he feels his maths skills are improving all the time.

Jay said: “Its great talking to customers, I find it interesting speaking about things, I’ve started helping people to use the arcade machines and I am able to give advice to parents of young people with Autism as I have first-hand experience. I am also able to empathise with young people if they are having a melt down and support them. My step dad came into the shop and was really surprised at how outgoing I was here as I am very quiet and reclusive at home. I’m really enjoying working here.”

Tracey is discussing possible apprenticeships with Jay and looking at possible future career prospects.

Jay ideally would like a job with House of Jumble and if the shop expands, this may be a possibility as they are really pleased with his work. Jay and Tracey will work together to ensure he has options when he completes his internship.

Jay is like a different person since starting the internship; he is chatty and very sure of himself. Through his internship, Jay is gaining valuable skills for the future and is very confident he will achieve his dreams.

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