Success Story Update: Sophie

Supported Internships

Sophie began her Supported Internship with Crossbar Coaching in September 2017 and has since started a second placement with Shrewsbury Town F.C. On Mondays she is with Shrewsbury Town F.C. where she coaches at several locations before finishing at Wilfred Owen School in the evening. Sophie also attends Greenfields Primary School where she is coaching under the guidance of Crossbar Coaching.

During her time at Shrewsbury Town F.C., she is supported by the coaching staff to help organise and supervise football matches between the children. Sophie also coaches the children to gain other skills through other sporting activities such as Dodgeball which helps the children with balance, co-ordination and team work. She is really enjoying the variety of activities. Sophie also coaches with Crossbar Coaching at Greenfields Primary School on a Thursday afternoon. Sophie works under the guidance of Josh or Cara and they have been helping Sophie build her confidence to work under her own initiative in setting out equipment and helping to choose the “star player” of the day.

Sophie has been working with children helping them gain hand eye co-ordination through racket sports. She has also been working with students from Severndale Specialist School who attend Greenfields to participate in sporting activities.

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