Supported Internships: Client Perspective

Oliver’s Supported Internship Experience

After a slow if character building start to the year, I feel as if I am starting to reap the rewards of my various placements as set up by Enable. I have formed a good working relationship with my job coach and look forward to the coming months with anticipation.

Whilst working with BBC Radio Shropshire, I have begun to form a good understanding of BBC editorial policy, something which is key to success in my chosen field. I have glimpsed the excitement of production and how important reporters are to public awareness from their work in the field. The staff have on the whole been welcoming and inclusive and on the rare occasions that the inclusivity has not been all I would have liked there has been a very good reason that itself has given me an insight into the pressure of their working life. I feel that while speech radio is not necessarily an area I want to go into, the experience has been invaluable.

I am ridiculously excited to work with Pentabus Theatre Company, an organisation I have admired from a distance for some time. The staff seem very keen to share their experience with me and have even offered for some of my original material to be read in their writer’s room. This is a fantastic opportunity to have going forward as I prepare to go to university. I hope that the original offer from Pentabus might be extended further but I do not expect this.

Overall, I think many elements of this program have been a success. I look forward to seeing what fresh challenges await.

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