Client Testimony: A Proud Parent

Below is a heartwarming testimonial we’ve had come in from one of our clients’ parents. We’re very humbled to hear we were able to help them build their confidence, and mitigate anxious thoughts!


Enable is an employment service for people with disabilities which l was introduced to by a parent who has a daughter working with them. My son, who has Asperger’s and takes medication to control his epilepsy, is currently having support to hopefully ‘enable’ him to find paid employment.

Enable has taken some of the pressure off, easing my anxiety as l know l can rely on and trust their support and guidance in helping him to both apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. They also have contacts through organisations such as Colleges, Universities and Hospitals who can give essential and character building training in preparation for securing employment.

During the two lockdowns my son was contacted every week via Zoom by Emma (his job coach, Enable’s ‘Senior Development Officer’)  who was keen to ensure he was coping and between them they continued job searches. In addition she offered practical advice as well as informing him off further Zoom chats he could join.

My experience with Enable has been very positive. All the staff I have met or spoken to are dedicated, informed and focused on assisting their clients towards gainful employment. They go the extra mile for instance – support is given by accompanying the client on interview (should they wish this) and any feedback they give following these procedures goes towards a structure on which answers can be based for future interviews.

In conclusion, our connection with Enable has contributed to the growth in confidence that l have noticed in my son and he is very appreciative of all the back up that he is receiving, as am I!

I am so immensely grateful that this organisation exists as they fulfil a much needed service, and one that will be essential in the years following this COVID one.