Barry’s Story

Employment Specialist Kim has been working with Barry since August 2022 through the CIP Pathway. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism. He has struggled throughout his professional life to secure employment that he is able to sustain.

At his first meeting with Kim, Barry expressed that he was looking for a driving-based job due to his desire to work independently.

We started by making some amendments to his CV to highlight his transferable skills to that sector. After that, we looked at suitable positions within the local area. We made a list of suitable employers and began to apply.

Barry has persevered with his work search and has now secured work with Pizza Hut as a Delivery Driver for 15hrs per week: as part of his ‘permitted work’ rules with the Job Centre. The role has helped Barry’s confidence, motivation and financial status. This gives Barry more money to do the things that he enjoys, including making music in a band with his friends.

We asked Barry about his journey to employment with Enable:

Describe your situation when you first met with Kim.

I was looking for a driving position desperately due to my financial state when I joined Enable. My mental health at this stage was very much up and down. Kim supported me and helped me focus on the type of role that would be suitable for me.

What were the main barriers that you were facing at that time?

At this time, I was struggling financially and I needed support in finding the right type of role that would allow me to adapt and integrate successfully within a team.

What did you and Kim do together?

Kim and I met fortnightly in Ludlow and made amendments to my existing CV. We completed a 1-to-1 job search together and applied for jobs. Kim has also supported me in work by liaising with my employer. Kim supported me with my finances and put me in touch with CAB as well as supporting me with communications between debtors and employers.

What difference has Kim’s support made to your life?

Kim has helped me keep out of trouble, when I have been having outbursts, she has been on the phone, even late in the evening to help talk me down and out of difficult situations. She has supported me and helped me secure employment and checked in on my well-being throughout.

What does work mean to you?

Work to me is financial support but it is more to do with productivity and being able to show competence and helps provide me with a platform to push myself to strive for more. Since I started at Pizza Hut, I have managed to keep my ADHD in better check as it helps me focus and gives me something to keep me on track.