Strengthening the link between the employer and employee

A Job Coach provides a valuable link between the employer and the employee, ensuring any concerns from either party are addressed quickly and efficiently. Job Coaches can benefit the employer greatly by helping to handle difficult situations, even when they are challenging to approach.

What is the role of a Job Coach?

Job Coaches assist with many aspects of our employment services, including helping the individual to build their skills for the job role and breaking tasks down into manageable bite-sized chunks.

Job Coaches offer support through:

  • Assistance with the interview process
  • Induction at the start of a job
  • Getting to know colleagues
  • Liaising with management
  • Understanding workplace rules and procedures
    • Understanding health and safety in the workplace

The Job Coach provides help with on-site training and makes that information is presented to the individual in a format that they are able to understand and refer to. This can include the coordination of monthly or weekly progress reviews between the employer and employee.

Job coaches are also able to provide a range of training courses to employers for their staff. By carrying out disability awareness courses, companies can be supported in developing strategies relating to disability in the workplace.

Job Coaches offer clients a trustworthy person to share any problems with and receive guidance from, with the knowledge that they are looking out for their best interests, health and wellbeing.