There are several ways of job searching, different methods will suit different individuals but using a little bit of everything is advisable.

Contact friends and family

Do you know of anyone in your personal network that runs their own business, employs staff, who works at a large company who may know the recruitment manager and could put in a good word for you? Often networking with friends and family can be the most effective and seamless way back into employment.

Make a list of companies that you would like to work for

You are most likely to be successful when you are highly motivated, so think of some local companies that you would like to work for; check their website, drop off your CV, ask the staff already there or check windows for signs listing job openings. Popular jobs are often not advertised all that pro-actively as the company will simply have a list of CV’s ready to contact applicants if they need staff.

Look in local newspapers

This can be a great way to look for openings – don’t be shy! These companies have paid for the privilege of letting you know that they need new staff and are targeting local people. Below are some useful publications in the Shropshire Area:

  • The Shropshire Star (section dedicated to jobs in the local area every Thursday)
  • The Ludlow Advertiser
  • The Bridgnorth Journal
  • The Oswestry Advertiser
  • The Shrewsbury Chronicle
  • The South Shropshire Journal
  • The Telford Journal

Use the internet

When searching for vacancies, the internet is the most valuable resource – virtually every company or recruiter has a presence on the internet. Check company websites, search for courses and job training on google, upload your CV onto job search sites research types of work and register for temporary jobs through local agencies.

Look at Local Council and NHS websites

Local Government and the NHS employ by far the largest amount of people in the U.K. and particularly in rural areas such as Shropshire: (this will give you the option of searching jobs anywhere in the NHS) (this will lead you to jobs in the Shropshire Council)

Register with an Agency

Let someone else do the work for you, go in fill out a few forms, tell them what you want and they’ll do the searching. Local agencies include Pro-active Personnel, Extra Personnel, Red Recruitment, Blue Arrow, Manpower, Brook Street and TRS.