Where is Enable based?

Enable is primarily based in Shropshire. We also have teams that work in South Staffordshire, Telford and Wrekin and Wolverhampton.

Do Enable only help people with severe disabilities?

Not at all! We work with people with a range of abilities as well as people who have mental health needs, Asperger’s and autism.

How do I know if I qualify for support from Enable?

To be sure that you qualify, you can check the referral criteria for each service if you go to the page called ‘Our Services’. Alternatively contact us by phone or email to speak to an employment officer.

Can I self-refer to the mental health services?

You cannot self-refer to use our mental health services, you must be referred through the mental health service in which you are receiving help.

Does Enable only offer support into employment?

We are primarily a supported employment service, however, we also offer support on travel with our Independent Travel Training Service.

Can Enable help me to find a voluntary job?

We have capacity to help clients find voluntary jobs, if we are unable to help you then we can signpost you to a service that can.

Can Enable advise on my Benefits?

We offer support on benefits to clients using our services:

One of the first things that your Employment Specialist will ask you about is what benefits you receive. We will support you to access the right benefits advice to ensure that you will be better off in work. Whatever your situation, we will work out the best option with you.

If we are unable to help with your request then we can signpost you to a service that can.

What should I tell my employer about my mental health or disability?

The question of what to tell your employer and at what stage in the recruitment process can be a daunting one. Your Employment Specialist will support you to consider the pros and cons of disclosing your mental health or disability. This will include deciding what information to disclose, who to disclose it to and when to disclose it.

What if I can’t cope or become unwell at work?

The support you receive from Enable is ongoing for as long as you need it; it does not end once you start work.

Before you begin your new job we will look at what you might need to help keep you well in work. With your agreement, this plan can also be shared with your employer. You will continue to meet regularly with your Employment Specialist to talk through how things are going. If there are difficulties, we will work out a solution to overcome them.

In the event that you do become unwell, your Employment Specialist will be there to support you through this and to maintain links with your employer.