Client Success Story: Dave

Mental Health Employment Service

Dave is a motivated individual who has been supported by Enable for several years, as an active job seeker and as a Permitted Work client.

Dave first started working for Ultra Clean in 2012 and made the decision to be honest and open about his mental health needs from the beginning of employment. Once he was settled into his new role, Dave proved to be a hard worker and was well liked by his employers.

When he unfortunately had a relapse after 18 months in work, Ultra Clean allowed him the time off he needed to recover and did not pressurise him into returning before he was ready. Dave returned to work after six weeks and managed to hold down the job for another 6 months during which time his mental health continued to be quite unstable, however, by maintaining the regular structure of work, he was prevented from completely relapsing again.

After leaving the company quite promptly, Dave decided he had rushed his decision and asked his Employment Officer, Grace, if she would speak to Ultra Clean to see if they could take him back. Fortunately Ultra Clean had some work available and said they would be willing to take Dave back on due to him being a reliable worker who had built up a good reputation.

Dave has been back at his job for a couple of months now and feels that his experience and new perspective has made him happier in his role. Enable still keeps in regular contact with Dave and his employers who know that they can contact grace at any point if more support is needed.

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