Client Success Story: John and Steven

Wolverhampton Disability Employment Service

Two of Enable’s longstanding clients, John and Steven are now in regular work for the Midlands Metro Alliance. Steven, 57, has a learning disability but does not receive any support from Wolverhampton Social Services. He currently receives support from his sister with everyday tasks such as bill paying and housekeeping. In relation to employment, Steven requires support with time management, learning new routines, travel training, health and safety aspects and organising his workload, he is also unable to read and write, these were overcome by providing a Job Coach to offer him support and guidance.

John, 24, who has a learning disability, lives in supported living. John requires support with money management, daily living support and time management. John was also provided with a Job Coach to support him and help him learn new routines and health and safety awareness.
Since the beginning of June, Steven and John have been working as cleaners for two hours daily, Monday to Friday, based in the main works compound at Midlands Metro Alliance. Their responsibilities include collecting rubbish from office areas, tidying kitchens, cleaning and mopping toilets, the canteen and changing areas. Both are very happy about being in work, with John saying “I feel good about working” and Steven saying “I like being in work.”

John and Steven soon proved that they were excellent in their new roles and according to Thomas Barraclough, Logistics Manager for the Midland Metro Alliance, both are valuable and methodical workers who are well-liked members of the MMA team and a pleasure to have on site.

Thomas said: “An employer’s first consideration in any employment situation, particularly in the construction sector, should be around safety. Although there is a great want to recruit with equality in mind, there is a consideration to be made if differently abled people are able to do aspects of the role requirement. Enable was able to give great examples of previous client/employer engagement and worked with us to ensure matches were suitable for our project. Jane, the Job Coach to the Midland Metro Alliance was very important. She aided their success in this role and definitely boosted their confidence. We are always approachable but there may have been times when Steve and John would prefer to chat through items with their Job Coach.”
John has gained confidence and social skills and his overall wellbeing has improved. His days are more structured, and he has gained a sense of responsibility and appreciation of the routines of real paid work and the benefits this can offer him along with the monetary award, which he is saving up to go on a fishing holiday.

John and Steven’s Business Development Officer, Jane Stringer is extremely impressed with their progress and said: “Both Steven and John were very keen to have the opportunity of working for the Metro Alliance at the Rail Safety Solutions compound on the Bilston Road. They have both been doing really well and have quickly settled into their job roles. They have both got into a working routine very quickly and have proved themselves to be reliable and conscientious workers.”

Enable supported John and Steven, as well as the staff at the Midland Metro Alliance, through Job Coaching. Chris, one of their Job Coaches would attend shifts with John and Steven to support them while they settled into their new roles. Chris would also act as a communication link to the employer and help to solve any issues in a productive and professional manner.

Chris is very happy with their progress and said: “They have both got to grips with the routine of arriving on time and getting to work straight away.”
David from Rail Safety Solutions said: “They are doing a really good job and are very pleasant and get on with everybody. We are very happy with them both.”

Steve and John are happy in their new roles and excited to have entered the world of employment. As a result of their success, Midland Metro Alliance have since taken on two more Enable clients who began work in early September.