Client Success Story: Laura

Mental Health Employment Service

At her initial meeting with Enable, Laura stated that she had very limited work experience and because she left school prior to exams due to the severity of her depression, no qualifications. However, Laura felt that the focus and structure work offers would be beneficial to the management of her depressive symptoms, motivating her to find paid employment.

Over the next few weeks there was a period of profiling. Early on Laura and her Employment Officer, Matty, identified that she had very strong interests – in particular interior design and ancient history – avidly reading magazines related to these subjects. With this in mind, Laura and Matty focussed on drafting her CV.

Matty encouraged Laura to draw out her key skills by analysing her previous work experience and set her the task of asking those closest to her to highlight her positive characteristics and attributes. This enabled her to compile a short list of her good points and qualities. This information was then used to create a CV that emphasised Laura’s character and interests. With this, she could market herself to an employer, honestly and positively.

Laura wanted to disclose her mental health needs to an employer and requested Matty engaged employers on her behalf. As a way of guiding a job search, Matty encouraged Laura to draw up a list of companies that related to her interests.

Matty then took to the streets with Laura’s CV and cover letter, engaging with employers that fitted with Laura’s preference. This led to him speaking to the manager at a local high street news retailer. There were part-time retail assistant positions available and the interest in magazines seemed a good fit. Matty promoted the Enable service to the manager and left his contact details with Laura’s CV.

Minutes prior to Matty’s next meeting with Laura, the manager called him to offer Laura an interview. He explained that Laura would like support during the interview, to lessen the anxiety. Matty was able to negotiate a joint interview, the manager agreeing that this in would bring the best out in Laura.

Matty met Laura and explained that she has been offered an interview and that he was able to support her in this. Whilst Laura was initially nervous at the prospect, she was determined to make the most of the opportunity.

Laura’s performance during the interview was excellent, answering all questions with relevance and enthusiasm.

Later that same day Matty received a call off Laura to say she had been offered the job! She was absolutely delighted. Matty supported Laura with initial enrolment paperwork and the permitted work form, and made himself available at the start of her first shift should she need more support. Laura made a great start and continues to work in her role. Laura is hoping to increase her hours when the opportunity presents itself.

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