Client Success Story: Veteran Employment Service

Enable’s Veteran Employment Service is funded by Walking with the Wounded and works to find employment for veterans with mental health needs and disabilities. Enable was recently contacted by Market Drayton Job Centre who asked if they could support a veteran who was struggling with debt, finding it hard to gain employment and facing the threat of eviction.

Enable Employment Officer for the Veteran Employment Service, Chris, visited the client and upon doing so, it soon became apparent he was finding it difficult to pay his bills as he was waiting for the payment of his Universal Credit, which he was told could take up to six weeks.

Chris went out of his way to contact the veteran’s former unit and asked them for assistance. After a few days the unit paid the veterans rent arrears – eliminating the threat of homelessness and taking a huge weight off the client’s shoulders. Chris also contacted the Royal British Legion (RBL) to provide financial advice for the veteran to support him with the remainder of his debts, something that was put into action within just two days of his first meeting with Enable.

It was now time to establish the client’s journey to paid employment. He stated he wanted to work for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). He was good with his hands and therefore felt that the engine plant would suit his skills and interests. There was a considerable wait to gain employment with JLR so Chris informed him about the online test, dexterity test and interview process. He seemed happy to go through this process so Chris directed him to the JLR website to complete the online application and test. Aware that the process could take some time and considering the client’s imminent need for paid employment, Chris also contacted a number driving agencies as the veteran held a C+E license. A local agency called Temps on Call soon got in contact and offered the client paid driving work of four days a week.

Chris Williams from the Temps on Call stated: “We ask these lads and lasses to do a very difficult and demanding job whilst serving our country and keeping us safe, if we can’t help them when they leave the services there is something very wrong.”
The client is now working as a HGV driver whilst he goes through the application process at JLR. He is over the moon that he has a plan for his finances and is looking forward to being a productive member of the community.

Success Story: Veteran Employment Service