Client Success Story: Will

Independent Travel Training

Will came to Enable to gain support with learning to travel on public transport independently through Enable’s Independent Travel Training service. Will has progressed to travelling from home In Maesbury to NSC College Oswestry independently. When he sees his stop approaching Oswestry, he knows to alert the driver. Will then crosses a pelican crossing and central aisle road to his second bus stop. Will knows how to check the time of his bus from the bus timetable and can work out how long he has to wait before it arrives. He then travels on the second bus to college, again being able to alert the driver to let him off at the correct stop. After which he crosses the road safely over to college. Will now remembers to text home to let family know he has arrived.

Will said that before he began travel training he used taxis to college which was very isolating and that now he has gained the confidence to travel into Oswestry. Both of Will’s travel trainers have really enjoyed working with him: “Seeing Will gain confidence and independence has been amazing, it has been wonderful working with Will and the whole family who have been very supportive and helpful in Will’s travel training.”

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