Supported Employment During Lockdown – How Does That Work?

Well we had to make changes, that’s for sure! Thanks to our ICT department and a steep learning curve we have been able to make extensive use of technology.  From virtual team meetings, to webinars, to online training sessions, to remote job seeker meetings and keeping contact with employers. Covid-19 did not stop us.

Fi and ClientThis is Fi from Shared Lives Positive Steps with her client, whom has been living with her since lockdown. Her client is new to Shropshire and would like to find paid employment. With the help of Fi and the use of Teams we can meet up to start her Vocational Profile, write a CV and discuss work options and wishes.

The next step will be to start to contact employers where she would love to work, which is always exciting. And for the client, having a chance to make her wish of working in a care environment come true is something to strive for and to look forward to.  The possibility and the option of working virtually towards a positive future has proven to work beyond restriction.


The world of employment has been hit hard by the pandemic in many ways and many people are or will be affected.  With this in mind, Enable have been contacting people who we have previously supported into employment, to check how things are going and offer support where needed.

Calls were welcomed and we found people in a variety of situations, including being part of the furlough scheme being concerned whether they will still have a job when they are able to return, people who continue to work and people who are shielding.

One lady shared that she has not been to work since lockdown started because she shares a home with people in the high-risk group. Despite trying to contact her employer, she had not heard back from them and was worried she no longer had a job. We agreed to contact her employer and try to ascertain what was happening, which we did and happily they are completely understanding of her situation and will be welcoming her back with open arms when she is able to return. When we shared this with the lady, she felt relieved and she said that the news had brought a smile on her face.

Although there are still limitations, it has proved vital that we stay in contact with job seekers and encourage them to look towards a time when we can all move forwards to life after lockdown. Covid-19 is not stopping us!