Employment Officer Success Story: Kate

Work Choice

Christine Trainer, Catering Manager at Overley Hall School, got in contact with Enable’s Work Choice team over concerns she had about one of her employees work and home life. Work Choice is a government scheme designed to support people with disabilities to find and retain employment. Work Choice also assists individuals with training and developing their skills, building their confidence and interview coaching.

Christine was initially put in touch with Di Leader Employment Specialist from Work Choice who met with both employer and employee to address work issues. Further and longer term support was provided by Kate Evans from Work Choice. Christine found that Work Choice staff were always on hand to offer advice and help to communicate between her and her employee.

Christine says that Kate was excellent at handling difficult situations and communicating issues to the client, even when they may have been challenging to approach. Kate was able to advise the client, not only on her work situation, but also on issues that she was experiencing at home. Although some of the advice was difficult for her to hear, Christine said that it was clear that Kate was always looking out for her best interests and wellbeing and was considered a trustworthy source of support. Kate was able to explain to the employee where her areas of improvement were and the best way to tackle them in order to move forward.

Christine said: “I am extremely grateful for the help that I have received.”

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