Jordan: A Safe Pair of Hands

Jordan is completing his Supported Internship year with Enable and Shrewsbury College at National Tyres and Autocare.

Due to the lockdowns and need for shielding, Jordan had delays in starting a placement. After a few false starts, it is great that he is now enjoying this work placement. Job Coach support from Enable has been encouraging Jordan, allowing him to develop his skills, concentration and confidence. He continues to develop his automotive knowledge and is having the chance to put into practice the skills he learnt from College. Jordan loves getting his hands (and face!) greasy and looks forward to his days in the garage.

Jordan works hard racking tyres away, pumping air into them and making sure they are in the correct locations and in size order, amongst other tasks. He is very aware of how to work safely and makes sure safety steps are followed. He works really well alongside his colleagues who say that he is very enthusiastic and keen to learn.

Well done, Jordan!