Sian’s Journey Into Employment

Sian has written an account of her employment journey with Enable. We’ve seen Sian grow and progress so much as a person throughout the past year and she’s done very well coping with the difficult situation of the pandemic. Read her thoughts below.

Invaluable support

I was referred to Enable through my mental health team in spring of 2020, after losing my job and struggling more with my well-being in such an unusual time for us all. Lockdown meant that my regular support, coping mechanisms and day-to-day techniques were stripped away and I was left feeling very low. A redundancy on top of this left me feeling lost and unsure where to step next. Matt introduced himself at the right time and we spent time getting to know each-other, my wants and needs, and was an invaluable support and constant for me at a more challenging time.


Getting my case together

In the early weeks we worked on getting my case together to find the right job. We discussed the different qualities, ambitions and skills that I have, and thought about what kind of work might be both sustainable for me, but also something I can get enjoyment out of. Matt aided me in tweaking my CV and the fine-tuning of my writing for things such as cover letters. He helped me to find potential employers, as well as liaising with services such as the CAB to support me in my benefit claims such as Universal Credit.


Growing my confidence

A very important thing Matt supported me with was growing my confidence. I began to choose what positions to apply for with more care and consideration, as well as broadening my horizons with opportunities such as returning to full time education, college courses and workshops. Enable helped me each step of the way, from completing lengthy application packs right up to interview prep when I secured opportunities.

In Autumn 2020, I was successful in securing full-time work at a local employer, a job that both combined my strongest skills, but also offered opportunity for growth and personal development. Matt and I developed an in-work support plan and supported me in disclosing my mental health condition and other sensitive information to my new employer. This took such a weight off my shoulders, making the process of starting a new job stress-free.


Advice and support whenever I have needed it

Enable have kept in touch with me during the initial weeks and months at my new job, providing advice and support whenever I have needed it. I am now settled in a job that I enjoy and feel valued. Something I have not previously experienced in my working career.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a supportive service and thankful for all the help Enable has provided. I could not recommend Enable more highly.