Stellesse’s Success Story

Stellesse wasn’t regularly engaging at first on the Programme. Following many attempts, we eventually started to gain regular contact and she started to trust me. We spoke a lot on the phone before we met when we did finally meet we get on extremely well.

Stellesse did herself a great CV.  After lots of research for classroom-based courses, we found an Adult Science 1 year College Course that she is now enrolled on – she has also now met her Tutors.

She lost some confidence when she was not offered a job quite recently following a 3- part Interview for a Hotel Receptionist,  I supported her through this and it wasn’t long before she was job searching again and found employment.

She has done a great detailed Plan to continue her journey.

Stellesse’s progress mentally has been amazing. She is an absolute Star.

-Stellesse’s Key Worker, Julie.

“Julie has given me the confidence to pursue my passion. I have been gifted the ability to stop just existing and start thriving. I really appreciate all of Julie’s help & support and I could not have done it without her.”