Success Story Update: Georgie

 Supported Internships

Georgie is enjoying her internship at the Theatre Severn. She recently had a review with her Manager, Barry and her Employment Officer, Tracey, where she spoke about what parts of the job she enjoyed and what she felt needed improvement.

Georgie is feeling much more confident and said she loves being at the theatre; she likes talking to the customers, however, she sometimes can feel slightly overwhelmed when there are a lot of people and she is on her own. Barry explained that a way of coping with this is to politely tell the customers to wait until the steward comes back.

Georgie and Barry agreed that she has made a lot of progress around dealing with crowds and noise and is more capable make decisions under pressure. Georgie has agreed that she will focus more on the matinee performances as she finds it tiring working late in the evenings but agreed she would keep some evening shifts to push herself.

Georgie is looking forward to continuing with her placement and building on her confidence and skills.