Success Story Update: Nick

Supported Internships

After starting his internship at The Range in 2017, Nick is now able to get to and from work independently by bus.

He is now working on the furniture and lighting department with Beth which he enjoys. Beth has compiled a folder for Nick with lists of SKU numbers for each lighting and a drawn out plan of the lighting sections to enable him to place stock in the correct aisles without needing to ask for help.

These photos show Nick confidently bringing Pallets of stock from the warehouse up to higher floor.

Nick is a fantastic example of a student fulfilling the ethos and understanding of how a Supported Internship can be a huge stepping stone into potentially paid employment.

Enable Employment Officer, Brendan, said: “Nick has wanted to achieve independence and has had a supportive family who have pushed him along to boost the confidence that Enable has given him. If Nick can gain the eight hours per week contract it will be a fantastic success and will be a culmination of a very supportive employer seeing the potential and enthusiasm of a young man to succeed but also a family that have always said that he will get out what he puts in. All of what Nick has been able to achieve has been because of the fantastic way that his Job Coach, Hazel, has been able to support and understand him”

Enable Job Coach, Hazel, said: “It’s been a lovely experience working with Nick and watching him grow to be a fully independent young man in both work and travel.”