Success Story Update: Nick

Since beginning his Internship at The Range, Nick continues to make progress and is gaining confidence each week. He is now a valued member of the team which was highlighted during his review meeting to Enable Employment Officer, Brendan.

Nick’s customer service is excellent, he is very helpful and can answer customer queries and if he isn’t able to help, he knows the process of getting someone else to help or accompanying the customer to the customer service desk. He is also familiarising himself with where all of the stock in in the shop which is quite a mammoth task as The Range is a large store.

Enable is starting to withdraw Job Coach Support to allow Nick to be more independent. Nick is now confident to start on his own and knows what to do if his usual supervisor is not on shift.

Enable will also be supporting Nick with Independent Travel Training which will increase his independence and enable him to use both the bus and the train. This will open many opportunities for him in the future.

The Enable team are really impressed with Nick’s passion and drive; he never gives up and everyone is confident that he will reach his full potential.

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