Wolverhampton Disability Employment Services:

Wolverhampton Disability Employment Service offers a wealth of guidance and support to individuals with disabilities that want to gain paid employment. We have a team of trained employment specialists who assist clients in the job searching and application stages of their journey and through to employment, for as long as required. Enable continues to support individuals when they start a job through time unlimited job coaching support.

What support is available through this service?

Our support depends on the individuals needs and can include:

  • An initial assessment and development plan
  • Career advice
  • CV writing
  • Preparation for work – practical skills assessment
  • Appropriate work experience to develop skills
  • Support with job searching
  • Support with applications and interviews
  • Job coaching – a Job Coach provides a valuable link for the employer, making sure any concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

What is the referral criteria for this service?

A person who is 16 years plus who has a disability, is a Wolverhampton resident, wants to find paid employment and:

  • Requires employment support to prevent him/her from needing social care support OR
  • Is known to social work services or has been in the previous 3 years or has an EHCP OR
  • Is known to social work services and is in employment and needs support to retain the job or to find more/alternative work

Once we have accepted a referral, we can help with a range of different factors to help people make the next step into employment.


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